Publication Information

Publication Owner
John Heaston
Year the organisation started publishing

Omaha, NE
United States

Years in Operation
30 years


Editorial Strategy
Characteristics that describe the core of the newsroom’s editorial strategy.
Coverage Topics
Topics that are prioritized in the newsroom’s coverage.
Primary language of the newsroom’s content.
Communities Served
Underrepresented communities primarily served as part of the newsroom’s editorial strategy.
Journalism Genres
In-depth feature and explanatory reporting
Investigative news
Content Themes
Race & Ethnicity
Social Justice & Inequality
Communities Served
Communities with English as a second language
Ethnic communities
People of color
Immigrant communities
LGBTQI communities
Low-income communities


Distribution Methods
The methods used to distribute the newsroom’s products.
The types of news products, and/or other products, produced by the newsroom.
Geographic Area
The size of the geographic area that the newsroom primarily focuses on.
Distribution Methods
Social media
Third party content platforms
Digital marketing services
Originally-reported articles
Printed media
Social media-only content

Management and Team

The number of full time employees currently working for the company.
Founder Directly Involved?
Is the founder of the company still involved in daily operations?
Tax Status (founded)
The company’s tax status when founded.
Tax Status (current)
The company’s tax status today.
Full Time Employees
Tax Status (founded)
S Corp
Organization Tax Status
S Corp


Total Budget Allocated
Self reported rough estimates of how much of the company’s total budget is allocated across each of these categories.
Paywall or Gateway
If a gateway exists, the rules governing content accessibility.
Revenue Stream - Largest
The revenue stream that accounts for the highest percentage of the company’s overall revenue.
Revenue Streams
The revenue streams that account for 20% or more of the company’s overall revenue.
Advertising Products
The advertising products sold by the company.
Total Budget Allocated (items may not add up to 100%)
Content: 41-50%
Revenue Generation: 31-40%
Product/Technology: 21-30%
Administration: 11-20%
Paywall or Gateway
Self-reported Sustainability Status
Revenue Stream - Largest
Other Marketing Services
Revenue Streams (20%+)
Direct sold advertising
Other Marketing Services
Advertising Products
Branded content (e.g. marketing content with editorial review by the advertiser)
Content Sponsorship

Real-World Impacts

Real World Impact
Self reported impact on the communities the newsroom serves.

We strive to provide news not deeply covered by the mainstream media with a focus on underserved communities, and increasingly, solutions-oriented coverage. We've tipped elections with our endorsements, run corrupt public officials out office, restored voting access, exposed practices that prey on the poor and just last week were the first in our state to cover the shortage of reagents limiting COVID-19 testing capabilities. 

We have been on the forefront of Omaha's cultural explosion over the last 25 years. We're a leader in our city and state in collaborative coverage, not only with El Perico (we own), but also the local Hispanic and Black press, community radio, journalism start-ups and local TV.

After 26 years, where to start? Our collaborative journalism leadership has had a direct impact on progressive change in our community in a multitude of ways. One prime example is the time we helped facilitate a Brown-Black alliance to fight a draconian closing of polling places ahead of the 2012 election. Our investigative reporting and data analysis, shared with the local ABC affiliate, helped these communities fight to restore more than a 1/2 of polling places that were to be closed. From beating the New York Times and The Economist on the multi-path appeals-court tactics of local immigration ordinances driven by nativist Kris Kobach, to tipping the balance in elections to stop a nativist mayor, to highlighting inequities in the justice system that allow companies to exploit debts of the poor built on ProPublica coverage, we have been instrumental to building a progressive dialogue in our community. 

Prior to the pandemic, having brought the Solutions Journalism Network to introduce solutions journalism to media ranging from community and rural radio, to the daily newspaper and local network affiliates, we were poised to work with local foundations to bring Impact Media Funders to Omaha to help build a framework for local, diverse media support, built around progressive issues-focused coverage. 

We have worked closely over the years to cover and provide offline support to the efforts of community organizing groups like the Heartland Workers Center to help drive double digit increases in voter engagement in targeted Black and Hispanic precincts. With hundreds of job fairs under our belt, thousands of local HR contacts and tens of thousands of registered job-seekers on, we’re best positioned to bring new skills and to help transform the local economy with an empowered workforce.

Publication information last Updated on 03/17/2021