Publication Information

Publication Owner
Alec Meeker
Year the organisation started publishing

New York, NY
United States

Years in Operation
15 years


Editorial Strategy
Characteristics that describe the core of the newsroom’s editorial strategy.
Coverage Topics
Topics that are prioritized in the newsroom’s coverage.
Primary language of the newsroom’s content.
Communities Served
Underrepresented communities primarily served as part of the newsroom’s editorial strategy.
Journalism Genres
Curation and commentary
Hyperlocal community comings and goings
In-depth feature and explanatory reporting
Content Themes
Entertainment & Arts
Events in coverage area
Social Justice & Inequality
Communities Served
Communities with English as a second language
Ethnic communities
Immigrant communities
LGBTQI communities
Low-income communities
People of color


Distribution Methods
The methods used to distribute the newsroom’s products.
The types of news products, and/or other products, produced by the newsroom.
Geographic Area
The size of the geographic area that the newsroom primarily focuses on.
Distribution Methods
Social media
Syndicated feed or content partnerships
Third party content platforms
Digital marketing services
Originally-reported articles
Social media-only content

Management and Team

The number of full time employees currently working for the company.
Founder Directly Involved?
Is the founder of the company still involved in daily operations?
Tax Status (founded)
The company’s tax status when founded.
Tax Status (current)
The company’s tax status today.
Full Time Employees
Tax Status (founded)
Organization Tax Status


Total Budget Allocated
Self reported rough estimates of how much of the company’s total budget is allocated across each of these categories.
Paywall or Gateway
If a gateway exists, the rules governing content accessibility.
Revenue Stream - Largest
The revenue stream that accounts for the highest percentage of the company’s overall revenue.
Revenue Streams
The revenue streams that account for 20% or more of the company’s overall revenue.
Advertising Products
The advertising products sold by the company.
Total Budget Allocated (items may not add up to 100%)
Content: 41-50%
Revenue Generation: 31-40%
Product/Technology: 21-30%
Administration: 21-30%
Paywall or Gateway
I don't have a paywall
Self-reported Sustainability Status
On the Path to Sustainability
Revenue Stream - Largest
Direct sold advertising
Revenue Streams (20%+)
Direct sold advertising
Other forms of corporate sponsorship
Reader membership
Advertising Products
Branded content (e.g. marketing content with editorial review by the advertiser)

Real-World Impacts

Real World Impact
Self reported impact on the communities the newsroom serves.

A couple examples of Bushwick Daily original reporting that is representative of the work we do. In 2019, National Grid Gas Company started refusing to hook up gas lines for multiple small businesses in North Brooklyn due to a legislative loophole. Bushwick Daily broke the story with an article covering the gas shut-off and featuring several local business owners unable to operate because of the shutdown. The original reporting published by Bushwick Daily was seen by local city officials, larger publications and other local business owners allowing them to put pressure on the gas company to provide service to the businesses which they eventually did. Last year there was a spike in ICE raids in our coverage area. We covered the raids and published news-to-use stories on how to protect yourself if ICE shows up at your door, along with info on the ongoing raids and how our local elected officials were responding to the activity. Bushwick Daily also covers positive community news on black and POC businesses. An example of this is Ethel’s Club, the first exclusively POC private membership and workspace club to open in Brooklyn. Bushwick Daily published an exclusive interview with the owner and information on how the community could support the organization and get involved.

Publication information last Updated on 10/06/2020